Next Event February 17th

16 Jan 2024

Our next event will be coming very soon on Saturday 17 February 2024, 12:00 UTC and the host this time is hribhrib.

This time we have something new, the “Community Pick”! YOU can choose a game that will be played on the next event, just visit our survey and choose the games you like, the top voted game will get the “Community Pick”-slot.

We also have a new game in the scene: Wasted, where the main developer Franzo will be talking about the game in the live stream.

There is also a tournament this time. The game is Armagetron Advanced and we’ll have a Free For All tournament where the winner get to pick a FOSS game-related project that we will donate €25 (EUR) to! So get yourself ready and just show up on time to participate!

Of course, we have some seen before classics as well. The full game list is:

The schedule can be found on the schedule page and some of the event will be live streamed.

Hope to see you soon!

Edit 2024-02-05:

The survey ended and the “Community Pick” is: Teeworlds!

Thank you all for participating in the survey. There where a total of 21 valid responses! Additional 15 were not counted, due to being incomplete.

Look at the graph:

Community Pick for 2024-02-17

And full results with all data collected here.

Thank you for all your responses and see you on Saturday!

Flyer for the event at 2024-02-17

Download flyer as SVG or PNG


Next Event September 23rd

27 Aug 2023

Our next event will be coming very soon on Saturday 23 September 2023, 12:00 UTC and the host this time is DeathByDenim.


onFOSS: The next generation!

11 Jun 2023

The “onFOSS-LAN” started as an idea by hribhrib to host a LAN-party-like experience online. Yes, the pun with LAN instead of WAN-party was intended but didn’t ripe well, however, what instead did ripe well was the whole event! Only one year after the first public onFOSS-LAN another host joined the team: DeathByDenim. Even more people got together to bring this experience to everyone that was interested in FOSS-Gaming, and group-effort hosting started to sprout, mostly by people of the LibreGaming community. After 15 successfully hosted events it is time for some changes.