There will be a tournament for the next event on Sat, Jul 27, 2024


By joining the tournament you accept following rules:


The most important rule is: HAVE FUN! Surely, the tournament is competitive, however, don't forget why we are all here - to have fun playing games together!


If you cheat you will get banned from this and all upcoming tournaments! Cheating is: manipulating the game for your advantage. So any third-party tool that helps you is not allowed! Due to the blessing that FOSS games can be modified, modifications that give you an advantage are also considered cheating! So use the official binaries to play the tournament! If no binaries are available and you have to compile it on your own you are not allowed to modify the source. If there is any confusion contact us in advance and we will find a solution.


Griefers are going to be kicked immediately and if it happens frequently you will get banned from upcoming tournaments. We are all human beings and hopefully capable of being nice to each other! So respect each other and there will not be any problems!

Leaving the tournament while it is still ongoing while you still have rounds to play is also not very nice.